Heart Power Wellness:

HeartMath Coach, Reiki, Chakra Balance, Meditation

Our Philosophy

We are living in a fast-paced world and strengthening the connection between our hearts and our minds has never been so critical.  When our hearts and minds are connected we can then strenghten our connections with our families, friends and others. It is vital to break old patterns and view the world through a new lens. To do this effectively, we must first become more resilient and achieve a state of coherence!  

At Heart Power Wellness, we love to blend the science-based tools found in HeartMath – which help us align our physical, mental and emotional systems, enable us to access our intuitive intelligence and show us how to connect our hearts and minds – with Holistic and Spiritual techniques passed down through the ancient wisdom of Reiki and Chakra Balancing.   

These simple, but powerful, techniques are designed to help our clients manage the stress, worries and on-going challenges in their personal lives, families and workplaces. These tools - which are designed to be used anytime and anywhere - help my clients to:   

• Become healthier and more resilient  

• Self-regulate their emotions to feel better  

• Connect their heart and brain   

• Learn to trust their inner voice, or Intuition   

• Boost their immune system  

• Experience a more balanced life  

• Reduce their stress  

• Feel uplifted and inspired  

• Perform better in all aspects of their lives  

At Heart Power Wellness we always provide our clients with personalized-service, compassion, care, integrity, honesty and a heart felt desire to transform people's lives and help them truly connect with one another. Remember - the major advantage of HMI techniques is their simplicity!  

"In order to change the external World, we have to first change Ourself"  - Dalai Lama

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Our services are available via phone, Skype and Face Time - better yet, make a plan to see us in person in Reston or Vienna, VA!

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